Our whole organization approach helps connect the dots.

Our whole organization approach helps connect the dots. We are one of the few consulting firms whose expertise extends well beyond strategy development to include areas key to nonprofit sustainability, such as financial management, compliance, governance, and enterprise risk management. As a result, you are not left wondering how our recommendations align or integrate with your existing systems, structures, plans, and processes.

We provide the following services on an hourly, project or retainer basis:

We can work with you to develop or update your organization’s mission, vision, values, and strategy. Since the development of the Balanced Scorecard in 1992 by David Norton and Robert Kaplan, new approaches to strategy development have been introduced. We are experienced in several methodologies – from traditional to agile – and will recommend the one best suited to the needs of your organization. Our thinking on the strategic planning process is that it is not finite, but rather, cyclical, and iterative, and always under review. It best serves an organization if it is practical and flexible; a guide for decision-making and resource allocation, and a play book to responding with agility to an ever-changing environment. We believe that comprehensive strategic planning has mechanisms for evaluating and monitoring the results of the process, so to ensure its success. As such, our strategic plans are supported by detailed tactical plans. These tactical plans have sufficient information to support the development of annual operating plans and budgets. Ongoing monitoring is facilitated through a built-in framework of key success factors (outcomes) and key performance indicators.

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