We have worked with over 500 unique client organizations ranging in size from large, federal charities to small, local organizations.

Since 2004, we have worked with over 500 unique client organizations ranging in size from large, federal charities to small, local organizations. Our diverse client base has providing us with a broad range of consulting experiences upon which we can draw important insights. Working with organizations at various stages of development gives us the experience needed to work with our clients as they grow. In addition, we provide capacity building services to government agencies and other funders.

Our Clients Are

  • Social service charities
  • Community agencies
  • Foundations (public and private)
  • Emerging nonprofits
  • Non-profit associations
  • Provincial and regional nonprofit organizations
  • Newcomer and refugee-serving agencies
  • Women’s services providers, VAW and shelter agencies
  • Social enterprises
  • Government agencies
  • Career and employment services agencies
  • Indigenous organizations
  • Youth serving agencies
  • Health care (primary and secondary providers), including mental health providers
  • Legal services providers
  • Food access and food security agencies; community food centres
  • Neighbourhood services
  • Community hubs
  • Arts and culture agencies

What our Clients say about us

"This is just a note to thank you for your work on the autism fee-for-service business case. We wanted to thank you for your time and diligence in creating a business case that is well researched and clear on recommendations. I am sure our road ahead will also not be easy, if we decide to move forward, but I know your work will inform and lay the groundwork for our next steps."

Cheryl Perera
Strategic Director, Partnerships, Growth and Innovation, Lumenus Community Services

"Thank you, Gina! Certainly no small task. 366 pages of governance and operational policies!!!! Just wow. The organization is better because of your patience, your support and your hard work."

Jordan Gray
Chair, Board of Directors, Indigenous Youth Roots (previously Canadian Roots Exchange)

"Gina Vergilio is a consultant we have contracted to assist us in the development of our organization. She has been working with us for about six months now and I am quite impressed by her intelligence and drive. She comes from a business background but understands well the strengths and limitations of not for profit organizations. Consultants are theoretically valuable but far too often lack in substance and depth: they tell us what we already know and leave us no better off than when we started. Gina has been a pleasant exception to the norm. She works hard, she works well and she delivers useful results. I am quite comfortable in giving my very strong endorsement of Gina Vergilio."

Bruno Scorsone
Executive Director, The Good Neighbours' Club

"Like many of us, we've been to lots of workshops and I must say this one was extremely informative and she is an amazing facilitator. I don't think I've ever gone away with as much information and validation before. It started on time (a pet peeve of mine) and was very thorough, stayed the course and even though participants asked questions she managed quite effectively to put them off until we reached that particular portion and it finished exactly on time. Very impressed!"

Susan Gorman
Executive Director, Jericho Youth Services

"Gina has worked with the Rexdale Community Hub since 2014 on several projects, including strategic planning, business planning, feasibility studies, integrated service delivery models, governance models, and hub space utilization and booking systems. We have always been very pleased with Gina’s professionalism and the quality of her work. In fact, Gina’s analyses, recommendations and plans continue to inform our decision-making to this day."

Amra Munawar
Hub Director, Rexdale Community Hub

"I wanted to personally thank you for putting the merger committee through a very professional merger process. I have to admit, your rating tool gave us the ability to think very objectively. There were trying times at different points of discussions. I appreciate you hanging in there and making this work."

Lucy Troisi
Executive Director, Cabbagetown Youth Centre

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the financial management training for board members that you led last week at United Way. I appreciate you staying on message and working through the different challenges that you encountered during the session. Thank you for making numbers not seem scary!!! I appreciate all your help."

Hala Beisha
Board Member, North York Women's Shelter

"I just had the opportunity to have a thorough read through of the Risk Management Plan and I wanted to say thank you for this work. It will be helpful in taking us to the next steps. There are some challenges that I am not quite sure how to approach, but many of the recommendations can be implemented within short order and many are underway. It will be positive for the organization to put these matters to rest… or at least to be satisfied that for the most part our house is in order… as we have so much to do over the next little while and we need to have a well-run operation behind our external outreach activities."

Ginelle Skerritt
Executive Director, Warden Woods Community Centre

"Gina, I want to thank you for the financial management presentation on Nov 19th. I attended with two workmates from Toronto Rape Crisis Centre. I am the bookkeeper/financial manager and they came along to learn more about financial management. Your presentation was very clear and easily understood without leaving out important details. You are very good at this and I really appreciated your tone and pace. My colleagues found that they could follow along and came away with greater understanding and plans for record keeping and reporting."

Kathryn Slade
Toronto Rape Crisis Centre

"Gina has been the association's governance consultant since 2015. During that time, she has helped us get our 'ship in working order'. She worked closely with the board to establish a governance structure, define board and committee responsibilities, create necessary board policies and internal controls, modernize our by-laws, develop effective financial management practices, conduct board evaluations, and develop a strategic plan. Gina provides governance training to our Board each year to ensure that our directors are fully conversant with their duties. Bringing Gina on-board was the best decision that I made as president! I highly recommended Gina as a consultant for non-profit associations."

Louis Busch
Past President, Ontario Association of Behaviour Analysis
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