Our consulting approach reflects the respect we have for voluntary sector organizations and our understanding of the challenges they face.


Only nonprofits, please. 

All of our clients are nonprofits. Our approach to client engagement is based on our understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing voluntary sector organizations. We have considerable experience working with nonprofits in a way that is pragmatic and respectful of their limited resources.


We are professionals.

We have well-honed skills as professional consultants. Consulting is what we do on a full-time basis and like everything else, consulting is a skill. We have considerable strengths in the areas that make the difference in successfully completing consulting projects, such as communicating with clients, resolving project issues, and managing unexpected complications.


We respect and value diversity.

We respect diversity, whether it’s ethnicity, physical ability, gender identity, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. We accommodate and encourage the differences in approach and context that are borne from diversity. As a result, the recommendations you receive from us will reflect the diverse communities you serve.


We’re a small company and our approach is quite unlike that of a national consulting firm.

We don’t have large staff and high overhead, so our consulting rates are more affordable. While we are a business, we don’t want our fees to be a barrier to working with you.


Our pricing is transparent to our clients.

We provided detailed pricing, in writing, for every project. No pricing gimmicks - we don’t start with an inflated price then discount it down to get your business. We treat your money like it’s ours. We are always open to alternative ways to manage our costs and protect your budget.


We incorporate opportunities to train and coach into every project.

We know that having a report from a consultant is not enough – your staff and board must have the knowledge and skills necessary to implement any plan for change. Whether it’s helping you to better understand financial statements, learn about best practices in risk management, or how to develop a more agile approach to strategy development, we believe in building capacity with every engagement.


Change management is integral to what we do.

We use the Prosci ADKAR Model® to further change at an individual level so it is possible at an organizational level. ADKAR is an acronym for Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement—the elements an individual needs to move through to achieve successful change.


Projects large and small.

We are experienced at successfully planning, managing, and executing consulting projects of all sizes, on-time, and on-budget, including the preparation of work plans, project budgets and project documentation. For every project we prepare a full project plan with tasks, timelines, milestones. This plan is cloud-based and accessible in real-time by those involved in the project. 

Our consulting engagement have included all or some of the following activities:

  • High level briefings
  • Conducting internal consultations and environmental scans
  • Facilitating stakeholder discussions
  • Documenting and analyzing findings
  • Developing options and recommendations
  • Researching and identifying best practices
  • Preparing project documentation, including confidential and public-facing reports
  • Working to strict deadlines and on high-profile, politically sensitive assignments

Post-project relationship.

Maintaining long term relationships with our clients is important to us. Once we work on a project with you, you are welcome to contact us at no charge if you have any follow-up questions or just need a bit of support.

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